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Duty Free and VAT

B&S Crew Shop is always a great spot for duty-free shopping. You can be sure of getting the best deal in the Netherlands, no matter your destination.

The benefits

B&S Crew Shop has two price categories for spirits and tobacco products.

Passengers travelling to destinations within the European Union pay the local price; marked with the following icon:  

Passengers travelling to destinations outside the European Union or transfer passengers flying through other EU airports to destinations outside the EU are exempt of paying taxes or excise duties; the price is then marked with the following icon:  In this case, please inform our employees when purchasing any spirits or tobacco products.

Inside the EU

The following countries are member states of the EU: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus (Greek part), the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. An exception applies to the Channel Islands and the Canary Islands: if you fly to these destinations, you can buy alcohol and tobacco products duty-free.

Outside the EU

Are you flying to a destination within the EU and on from there to a non-EU country? If so, you don’t need to pay sales tax or duties on tobacco and liquor. In that case, be sure to tell the clerk at the till.
If you are returning to the Netherlands from a country outside the EU, you are always subject to the rules that apply to the import of goods from non-EU countries (only part of which is duty-free). This means that you should be aware of the import regulations that apply in your destination country, including when you return to the Netherlands. Customs at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol can answer any questions you may have.

VAT refund

If you live outside the EU, you can claim back the sales tax (VAT) on any purchases made in the European Union. Specific conditions apply. For further information, please contact Customs at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol directly between 06.00-22.00 hours on 088 - 158 34 56 or between 22.00-06.00 hours on 088 - 158 39 00 (Departures 3 and Lounge 2). Or contact third parties: Global Blue on +31 (0)23 - 5241909 (Departures 3) or vatfree.com +31 88 828 37 33 (Departures 2).

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